Satellite Derived Sea Surface Temperatures (SST)

The Atlantic is much warmer than normal as NOAA issues today’s Hurricane Outlook for 2013. Parts of the Atlantic Basin are much warmer than normal especially in the breeding ground for hurricanes off the west coast of Africa. These higher than normal temperatures, along with reduced wind shear due to the absence of El Niño are just some of the reasons why NOAA is predicting an active to very active Atlantic hurricane season in 2013. This image from PO.DAAC’s State of the Ocean (SOTO) tool (, shows how the satellite derived sea surface temperatures (SST) differ from the average (i.e., SST anomalies) on May 19, 2013. Warmer than normal areas are colored red while cooler areas are colored blue.

For Seeing the Google Eartt Map of sea surface temperatures (SST) Click This Link

Source: NASA Website

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