Mapping the wealth of the world’s billionaires






The world’s billionaires increasingly hail from nearly all corners of the globe. The world’s billionaires list by Forbes pins down the wealthiest people from 64 countries across the globe. The US has led the way since Forbes started wealth tracking 27 years ago. Americans represented 31% of the list entrants in 1987 and today that figure is the same. They are worth a combined $1.87 trillion, representing just over one-third of total billionaire wealth in 2013.

At the second tier, there has been much more movement. Japan is home to 1.5% of the world’s 1,426 billionaires. China, which a decade ago had no billionaires, has jumped into second place with 122, or 8.6%. Russia is third with 110, or 7.7%. There has been change among the regions too. For years, Europe had the most billionaires after the US but Asia-Pacific jumped ahead and is now pulling away. Today it is home to 386, up from just 61 a decade ago.


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