Map of the best and worst countries to be a mother

Mother Index

A new report by Save the Children, a London-based NGO, gauges and ranks the conditions for mothers in almost every country in the world. Their annual report, just out, shows that Nordic countries are the best places to be mothers. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are the worst.

The Mother’s Index, based on a wide range of data gathered from the United Nations and other sources, are mapped out above. Bluer countries are best for mothers, red countries are worst and purple are somewhere in the middle.

A few interesting details from the report :

  1. In India, 309,300 babies die every year within 24 hours of birth
  2. Motherhood is hard and dangerous in bottom-ranked countries : The report provides these facts about the average mother in the ten bottom-ranked countries, all of which are in Africa:• On average, 1 woman in 30 is likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause.

    • 1 child in 7 dies before his or her fifth birthday.

    • Eight out of 10 women are likely to suffer the loss of a child in their lifetime.1

  3. Northern Europe is the best for mothers, sub-Saharan Africa the worst
  4. Much more than just national wealth at play
  5. Many lack access to sufficient care during birth
  6. The U.S. scores poorly because of inequality


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