HOT activation workshop in Jakarta; How was it !!!

training team at MONAS


HOT supports the collaborative map for emergency response while any disaster strike anywhere in the world. With time HOT has been speeding its wings in humanitarian arena from community development, partnering with different agencies, technical tools and platform development. Like the great collaborative mapping project tool Tasking manger HOT also developed HOT Training center under which HOT has developed a curriculum for its volunteer ‘Activators’; specifically a protocol and training program to empower those people who coordinate our Disaster Mapping. Key roles were identified during initial development and observation of the Nepal Activation.  The HOTActivationProtocol.pdf and the bulk of the raw training material was drafted through an ‘Activation Sprint’ workshop of core HOT coordinators in Washington DC, 27-29 April 2015. The curriculum was then further developed by specialist, Russell Deffner, under the supervision of Technical Project Manager, Mhairi O’Hara; with community input and direct involvement of existing HOT Activators and the Activation Working Group.

we from Bangladesh

we from Bangladesh

After the first workshop for the HOT Activation Curriculum what was held during the pre-conference events of the first Africa Open Data Conference. Hosted by the World Bank and the United Republic of Tanzania in the capital city, Dar Es Salaam, the second workshop of HOT Activation was held in Jakarta, Indonesia where I attended. With state of the art arrangement Russel Deffner and Mhairi O’Hara conducted the three days sessions. I (Ahasanul Hoque) and Sajjad Hossen  attended the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)Activation Workshop with other participants from Nepal, Philipine, Indonesia. Total we were 11 participants started at 9am in 18 September at Meeting room of ibis Tamarin ,Jakarta Hotel. After ice breaking and introducing session of MHairi , Russel had started with the presentation for inception, introducing activation protocol, 3 phases, event size determination, roles, essential courses, attending procedure, getting badges etc. After that each us chosen one course to complete by answering the multiple choice questions after reviewing the given materials and related links. Second day we chosen another course like before and all these course are actually connected with roles for simulation exercise as well as real life disaster events activation. And finally we all chosen different roles for simulation exercise where Manning Samble was acting as Activation Lead, myself Imagery, Sajjad Tasking Manager, Faysal-Public Relation, Vasanti-Community Care, Megha-Data, Pratik-Partner Liasion, Yantisa – Usability, Harry- Reporting. All of us performed their own role nicely with demo mail threads what gave us the feeling of a real activation.

Overall I would say the goal of HOT and the activation workshop was fulfilled, means they are successful to share the knowledge of activation roles to the mappers what build the capacity of the participants for future disaster events. From my point of view the curriculum was perfect for the participants , it will bulild the number of volunteers- that’s fine but for better going the martials should be delivered at least 1 week prior to the workshop. Another point I should mention that from the simulation exercise we realized that before taking any role the persons’ background and skill matters. I think the sequence of the course materials is perfect, self-explaining, some questions’ need to re-word for getting the actual meaning by participants. The biggest convenience is the training courses are openly available for everyone to access online, So I would complete the remaining very soon and have an wish to spread this training among the mappers as OSM in Bangladesh.

in car free day


Journey to old Jakarta
dinner in old Jakarta restaurant
we left a mark there
she is shy

I shouldn’t skip the fun part of the workshop, the trainers didn’t occupy the days with courses only but also the HOT dinner, visit to the national monument (Monas), tour in car free day etc. The variety of food was really wondering as well as tasty. To me the item Kedai Pelangi (beef ribs bbq) was the best followed by chicken saute. Finally, the restaurant GARUDA, extraordinary and artistic; whoever is visiting Jakarta they should taste the food I Garuda. Our old Jakarta visit was also fun, visiting museum, different street show, shopping from street fair, lemur show and the overall crowd gave me the feelings of unity. I love the people, I love Jakarta.

7 Oct 2015

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