OSM Based Android Apps for Mapping

Though there are a significant numbr of apps are available for tracking, routing, navigation, POI saving but OpenStreetMap based are more useful than others interms of licene, freedom and customization. Below are a short detail of few OSM based mapping app for android

 OSM Tracker

One of the key apps, is something that can track where you are, providing a record of where you’ve been and allowing you to upload it to the OpenStreetMap website. OSM’s heritage is built around collecting data using a GPS, and it still remains a powerfull way of mapping an area without requiring other sources. And we actually are all carrying a GPS device around with us in our pocket it is very easy to do.

I use OSM Tracker it’s a simple app, and does it well, as well as recording a GPS trail, it also allows you to take pictures, and display the track on a map.

Use is really simple, start a new track:

Once it is running, it displays the currently GPS Position, shortcuts for taking a picture, and noting various features:

It is also possible to view the track on a map, this is really useful for checking the current area mapped, and seeing where you’ve been:

Finally, it’s possible to tag save and upload the track:


Editing is generally done as after mapping on a computer, but it can be really helpful to be able to make some changes from your phone, especially once you’re more experienced, I would recommend using Vespucci, Vespucci is getting better and better all the time, and does a really good job editing using the touch interface. This isn’t necessary a beginners tool, but a good tool that continues to improve that’s definitly worth looking at.

When you click on the map, it allows you to choose what item you wish to edit, which is a good solution to the problem of never being able to select accurately enough with your finger. Geometries can then we tweaked as neccessary.

Although I tend to use it to make small changes such as editing tags rather than big edits, it’s a powerfull tool that only gets better.

Data Gathering

Wheelmap for Accessibilty

Wheelmap is a great example of a simple data gathering app. The wheelchair app collects accessibilty information as well as some simple addressing information to be displayed on the Wheelmap Site


Keypadmapper for Addressing

As we have mapped a significant proportion of the road network, there is now a big push to collect addressing data Keypadmapper is a simple app to collect addressing data as you move down the road simply enter the numbers as you pass them. Later the address points can be loaded into JOSM for adding into OpenStreetMap.

Find the apps in play store from below link:

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