10 years of OpenStreetMap

In 2004 one man set out with a bicycle and a GPS recorder. Back then creating a map of the world from scratch seemed crazy to many people, but even so, people joined the effort. A few people at first, but 10 years later OpenStreetMap has grown to a global community with over 1.7 million registered members, with around 3,000 members editing the map every day. This map built by hundreds of thousands of people what is now used for serious work: for example Médecins Sans Frontières works with OpenStreetMap to help its doctors in West Africa keep track of the current ebola outbreak. 25 million miles of roads in every country in the world have been mapped. Here is a look back (developed by mapbox.com) at how the most detailed map of the world started.

or the Video prepared by ScoutbyTeleNav

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